No other meaning and finality


Kneeling Man: So, God, I’ve been struggling with this in a couple of ways.

God: Uh huh.

KM: Firstly I don’t understand what it means. This is a bit embarrassing because thousands of people have like it and retweeted it so obviously they all understand it.

God: Not necessarily.

KM: You think they’d like it and retweet if they didn’t get it?

God: People have been known to pretend to understand things that don’t make sense. Not that I’m saying the Pontiff doesn’t make sense here, but he could be a little less obtuse perhaps. What was the other thing you were struggling with?

KM: I’m also having trouble trying to remember it. Which is not good, as the Pontiff makes it pretty clear that he wants us all to remember it.

God: He does seem to.

KM: But even using mnemonics it’s tricky, because apart from having no other meaning, I haven’t yet managed to understand the first meaning. Let alone either of the finalities.

God: That’s because there is no other meaning. Or finality.

KM: Oh, right.

God: So you’re okay with the meaning of witnessing Jesus?

KM: I’ve witnessed all the crucifixes. The church is full of them. Is crucifixes the correct plural?

God: Sounds nicer than crucify.

KM: Point taken. But surely the Pope can’t mean that the only meaning of the church is to look at the graven images.

God: You wouldn’t think so.

KM: So can you help me out?

God: Did you try asking the Pontiff? He’s the one who tweeted it.

KM: He doesn’t seem to respond to tweets. He’s pretty much a one-way from Jesus kind of twitterer.

God: Okay. So, no other meaning and finality…

KM: Oh hang on, he said “to witness to Jesus”, not “to witness Jesus”.

God: There you go, further study always helps.

KM: I still don’t get it.

God: Leave it with me.

KM: Thanks, God.

God: No problem, Neel. Sleep well.


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