Stronger than any sin


Kneeling Man: Hi God, it’s me Neel.

God: Hi, Neel. How can I help you today?

KM: Once you’ve forgiven a sin, that’s it isn’t it? It’s not like being on parole where if you commit another sin you can add the old ones on top of the new sentence.

God: When a sin is forgiven, that, as you say, is it.

KM: And you can forgive any sin, regardless of how bad it is?

God: Provided the sinner asks for forgiveness, yes. You’re not planning on committing a grave sin, are you Neal?

KM: Of course not, God. You know that. You can read my mind.

God: Just testing. And… you know… just in case I wasn’t paying attention.

KM: Can you hear the screams of the sinners in hell?

God: Of course.

KM: So you can hear their prayers as well?

God: People in hell don’t pray. They’re too busy dealing with pain and flames and the devil to even think about praying.

KM: So really the last chance you get is if you see the gates of hell and you realise that’s where you’re going?

God: Pretty much.

KM: Will a last minute prayer be enough to do the job?

God: The job?

KM: Avoiding hell and going to heaven instead.

God: A sincere prayer for forgiveness will always be answered. Just don’t make the mistake of relying on that though. If you die while you’re unconscious…

KM: That’s why I always talk to you before I go to sleep.

God: I know. Sleep well, Neel.

KM: Night, God.


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