Authentic and consistent





Kneeling Man: I think we’ve got the abiding relationship thing happening here, but I’m uncertain about the rest.

God: How so, my son?

KM: Does this count as truly praying? I’m on my knees, but I do tend to use fairly informal language.

God: I don’t think formal language is an absolute requirement.

KM: That’s good to know. But I also don’t really ask you to heal the sick, or help the poor much.

God: That’s true.

KM: But you know I’d like that to happen. So can we sort of take that as a given?

God: As long as the thought is in your heart, we can take it as a given.

KM: So we’re good?

God: We’re good.

KM: I’ll say good night then.

God: The Pontiff did leave the door open a bit.

KM: What door?

God: Saying difficult. Rather than impossible.

KM: Ah… Oh. Yeah. He’s actually saying that it is possible to live an authentic and consistent Christian life without an abiding relationship with you.

God: I’m sure he didn’t mean it like that. Just didn’t choose his words very carefully.

KM: Sometimes I think he just throws his magnets at the fridge.

God: Oh that’s a bit unfair. This one makes more sense than a lot of them.

KM: That’s what I mean.

God: Anything else?

KM: No. Thanks, God. Good night.

God: Night, Neel.


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