Jesus in the middle







Kneeling Man: I’m thinking that he might be asking a bit too much here. What do you think?

God: He’s asking you to remember to make Jesus an ongoing part of your life.

KM: Yeah, but I really don’t have much control over who shows up in my dreams.

God: He means dreams as in plans.

KM: Dreams without a plan can end up turning into nightmares.

God: What?

KM: I just thought of it. As a cool thing for a motivational guru to say. Nah, I bet someone’s already said it.

God: Okay.

KM: So we can boil it down to him saying, make Christ the centre of all your plans?

God: Yeah. I’d say that’s pretty much what he’s trying to say.

KM: If my plan was to get married and have children, that’d be a bit off, wouldn’t it?

God: I don’t know what you mean.

KM: Well, me and my future wife with Jesus in the middle. Like in a threesome. I don’t really want to have that dream.

God: You’re being far too literal.

KM: So it’s okay if Christ’s in the next room, rather than right at the centre of the plan or dream?

God: If that makes it easier for you to understand, sure. Is that it for tonight?

KM: Can I just ask one more question?

God: Just a quick one.

KM: Did Jesus ever have a threesome?

God: Go to sleep, Neel.

KM: Sorry, God. Good night.


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