Empty spaces caused by evil





Kneeling Man: He’s not talking about making love here is he?

God: No.

KM: Well that’s lucky. Otherwise it’d be like he was asking us to bonk twenty four seven. Ha ha.

God: Neel. Remember who you’re talking to.

KM: Oh yeah. Sorry, God. I just had this thought and…

God: I know. I forgive you.

KM: Thanks, God. So he means that non physical type of love thing?

God: Yes.

KM: How does evil cause empty spaces?

God: Well, that’s a very complicated concept. I’m not sure we have time to go into it in detail.

KM: Just in broad terms.

God: It’s really not the sort of thing that can be summarised.

KM: Oh. Okay. Are all empty spaces evil? Because there’s an awful lot of empty space in space. That’s a whole lot of evil.

God: He’s not saying the empty spaces are evil. Just that they are caused by evil.

KM: What does evil get out of causing empty spaces? Especially if they don’t stay evil when he’s finished causing them.

God: Once again it’s a very complicated concept.

KM: That can’t be summarised?

God: Pretty much.

KM: Ok, thanks, God. Good night.

God: Night, Neel.

KM: Oh, one more thing. If love is the secret of Christian living, why’s he tweeting it to the whole world?


KM: God?



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