Save humanity and the world





Kneeling Man: Saving humanity and the world’s a big one.

God: It certainly is.

KM: You think sin and evil are as big a threat as climate change?

God: They’re difficult to compare. Different categories.

KM: Are sin and evil the same category?

God: Not exactly, but they are related.

KM: So there are three things threatening humanity and the world. Sin, evil and climate change.

God: Yeah.

KM: Oh, and Islam. Four things.

God: Let’s leave Islam out of this.

KM: Why?

God: I’m trying to keep you safe, Neel.

KM: What? Oh… yeah. Right. Okay then. Three things.

God: Yep.

KM: I don’t see how mercy can do anything about climate change, regardless of how powerful it is.

God: Which is probably why the Pope didn’t say it could.

KM: Oh yeah, right, well let’s not worry about climate change for now.

God: You realise that’s exactly how things got this bad?

KM: Ha ha. Good one. You got me there. But, as far as true powers go, I’ve never seen mercy do much. It can’t lift buildings, or make things invisible can it?

God: No.

KM: So what can it do as a true power?

God: It can save humanity and the world.

KM: Uh huh. I still…

God: Look at the time, wow it’s getting late.

KM: Oh yeah. Okay. Night, God.

God: Night, Neel. Sleep well.


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