God is working, winter always gives way to spring

God is working Winter always gives way to spring
God is working, winter always gives way to spring

Kneeling Man: Oi, God, you there? I hope I’m not interrupting you.

God: Of course not, Neel. Why would you say that?

KM: Well, that smarmy-faced bullshitter Joel Osteen said you’re working.

God: I’m always working, Neel. Even now. This is what I do.

KM: Of course you are. Silly old me.

God: No problem, Neel. Something I can help you with?

KM: According to the grinning charlatan’s tweet, God is working, winter always gives way to spring. Given that everything he talks about leads to him asking for money, aren’t you a bit pissed that he’s exploiting the change of seasons to fleece the gullible? Besides the season’s only just changed.

God: I think he’s speaking metaphorically. About things getting better for individuals.

KM: Yeah, himself especially, I get that, but you and I both know he’s full of shit.

God: Did you have a question?

KM: Yeah. Just out of interest, how much work do you have to do to get the seasons to change?

God: Well, that’s not a simple thing to quantify in terms a human could understand.

KM: I though it would be pretty much running on autopilot by now, you know with the planets just spinning round and the momentum basically doing all the work?

God: Well there is that. But someone has to keep an eye on it to make sure it’s working properly.

KM: So you have to give the old earth a bit of a nudge from time to time?

God: Sort of.

KM: Doesn’t that mess with satellites and space probes and things? Why don’t they end up flying all over the place?

God: It’s all done at once. Invisible hand sort of thing.

KM: Okay… So he’s not really telling the truth about you working to change the season at the right time?

God: I’m sure there’s meaning in what he says.

KM: I hope so. He makes enough money for saying it.

God: He sure does.

KM: Thanks, God. Good night.

God: Night, Neel. Sleep well.

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