Given to us in and through





Kneeling Man: I think know where the Pontiff’s coming from on this one. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have thought about going to church on my own. Certainly not as a toddler or young child.

God: Which is exactly why it’s important to give the faith to children.

KM: You think if we weren’t indoctrinated as children we might not find the faith?

God: Isn’t that what we both just said?

KM: Well, yeah… But couldn’t you just as easily give the gift of faith to adults who’d never been to church?

God: Doesn’t tend to work as well.

KM: Why do you think that is?

God: Well, if it hasn’t been drummed in early, people seem to need a bit more evidence of my existence before they’ll devote their life to Jesus.

KM: So why not just give them the evidence?

God: It’s not as easy as that.

KM: Why not? Why not just part the clouds and shout down at everybody, “Listen up. Here’s the gift of faith. Use it. Be faithful. Stop being bad!” And close the clouds again.

God: That’s not how I work.

KM: I know that, but I don’t understand why.

God: You’re not meant to understand why, Neel. You’re just meant to believe in faith. If I explained it to you, it wouldn’t be mysterious would it?

KM: I guess not.

God: And you know I work in mysterious ways.

KM: That I do.

God: So, have faith, Neel. Accept the gift.

KM: Thanks, God.

KM: Good night, Neel. Sleep well.

KM: Night, God.


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