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Question from Helen

Kneeling Man: I have a question here from Helen. It’s a bit of a curly one. God: Curly like a pig’s tail? KM: Sort of. In that it’s to do with Jews and Muslims. What’s with that whole anti-bacon thing … Continue reading

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The Ten Commandments

Kneeling Man: Some friends and I were talking about the Ten Commandments the other day. A few questions came up. God: Uh huh. KM: Firstly the Bible says that you carved them in stone, on two tablets. Is that true? … Continue reading

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Life here on earth

  Kneeling Man: I don’t understand why he tweeted this. God: Why’s that, Neel? It makes sense to me. KM: Yeah, it makes sense, but it’s just stating the bleeding obvious isn’t it? God: He’s reiterating his faith. KM: Sure, … Continue reading

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God is working

      Kneeling Man: I hope I’m not interrupting you, God. God: Of course not, Neel. Why would you say that? KM: Well, Joel Osteen said you’re working. God: I’m always working, Neel. Even now. This is what I … Continue reading

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Faecal fantasies

                    Kneeling Man: The Pope’s been talking about coprophagia. God: Yes I saw that. KM: What does it mean? God: Why are you asking me? Didn’t you look it up? KM: … Continue reading

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